Day 3/365: welcome to my wardrobe


I currently have 6 wardrobes plus two chests of drawers in two rooms crammed full of clothes.  This is frankly embarrassing.  I wonder why I have no money left at the end of the month, but looking at these pictures, it’s pretty obvious!


I’m off work this week, so will be going through the clothes, looking at what I haven’t worn for ages, what just doesn’t suit me and what is too big or too small.  These I’ll pass on to friends or sell on Ebay.  I will also get rid of threadbare/stained/worn-out clothes.


There are good reasons for my desire to purchase more and more clothes which I will discuss later on: a lot to do with self validation and my upbringing.  But whilst I love a gorgeously printed, beautifully cut dress, I don’t think it is bringing me the happiness that I subconsciously think it should.


I suppose it’s a sort of life re-evaluation along with a wardrobe clear-out.  Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Day 3/365: welcome to my wardrobe

  1. My mother hoards everything as does a friend of mine.. sooooo i hoard clothes. Hmm i will start by doing what you are doing findi g things that dont look good on me or dont fit.


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