Day 4/365: why do I buy things and only wear them a couple of times?

There’s an interesting article in The Telegraph (not my normal paper of choice!) which claims that 33 per cent of women consider clothes “old” after wearing them fewer than three times, and that this is particularly the case for dresses which are often bought for special occasions and only worn once (like this dress below).

Posh dress from Monsoon for my cousin’s wedding

My instant reaction was “surely not”, but then I started thinking about the number of dresses and skirts in my wardrobe which I have probably only worn two or three times.  I don’t consider them “old”, but maybe I bought an item on a whim because I liked the fabric or style, but then found that actually it doesn’t fit me as comfortably as I’d like, or the colour doesn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe, or really, I don’t have an event to wear it to.

I love 1950s dresses and the whole vintage style thing, and have in my wardrobe a number of gorgeous Lady V and other delicious dresses and really, I have nowhere to wear them.

Lady V Phoebe dress worn to a wedding in September

Living in the rural north and being old(-ish) and somewhat introverted means that I don’t go clubbing, pubbing or out at weekends very often.  My social life generally revolves around getting together with friends and playing music or going to festivals, none of which calls for 1950s-style vintage dresses unfortunately.  See pictures below for festival attire crusty-traveller style!

I also work for an environmental NGO which means that I am often accused of overdressing for the office as most of the other staff wear fleeces and jeans which makes my dress-wearing even more out of the ordinary.  However, I have a passionate hatred for jeans as they make me feel bumpy, lumpy and uncomfortable (although I do like jeans shorts in the summer).  I feel so much better in a dress!

Jeans – ugh!

So meanwhile, I will continue to wear dresses to the office and bring the tone of the place up!

Tomorrow I’m going to be blogging about the unworn things in my wardrobe.  I imagine most people have a couple of items bought but not worn, but I seem to have far too many and I need to wear them or pass them on.


4 thoughts on “Day 4/365: why do I buy things and only wear them a couple of times?

  1. I can totally sympathise with you on buying lovely 50’s dresses and having no occasion to wear them. Kendal is hardly a bustling place worthy of full fab regalia, and as a care worker I had no compulsion to wear fancy things. It would have been pointless and no doubt been covered in something unmentionable.

    Maybe the money saved from buying clothes you can spend on venturing to places and events where you can wear some fancy frocks?


    1. Hi Kerry, glad you can empathise with me on this! I wore a Lady Volup dress out for our work Christmas do and ended up in Burgundy’s and The Riflemans of all places. Felt somewhat out of place really!!

      I love the idea of spending money I save on going out somewhere nice, I have a standing invitation to relatives in London, so maybe venturing down there for a few nights would give me somewhere to wear my posh frocks!


  2. Oh i have lots not worn more than once.. its never occured to me that i consider tham old. I have some favorites that i wear to work when on office hours but i do have an opera gown that I had to have no matter what and i have never ever worn it out. Sigh.
    Even on the last week before committing to not buying i bought a size 14 dress. Im an 18. What on earth was i thinking


    1. Your opera gown sounds amazing, you’ll have to throw a posh frocks party and wear it there! One thing I have never really done us buy stuff too small as I don’t diet (haven’t for 16 years as it causes mental health problems) and have stayed the same size for the last 12 years, which is one of the reasons I have so many clothes…


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