Day 5/366: unworn and unloved

In light of the Telegraph article I posted yesterday, I decided to look at how many dresses I own that I had worn less than three times (not including my final purchases of 2015).  It turns out, rather a lot….

So to start with, these dresses have only been worn once or twice.

My Scarlett & Jo shame can be seen above….

Below, a selection of Simply Be and other dresses. Was gutted that the Boombands Em peacock dress doesn’t suit me very well.

Why do I bother buying maxi-dresses?  I’m so short that they make me look incredibly frumpy.  And Lady Voluptuous dresses are so gorgeous, but I’m seriously lacking places to wear them to.

And now on to the lovelies that I’ve never worn.


20160105_183513 - Copy

All of the dresses in the bottom two photos were purchased second hand off Ebay, Depop or Instagram. Some of them I’ve not had the occasion to wear them, but others I’m just never going to wear because they don’t work e.g. the blue skater dress with black embossed pattern in the left hand picture just doesn’t fit right and the neckline on the body-con dress on the right is so low that it shows my bra which makes it impractical to wear.

So that’s most of the dresses I own which I’ve only worn a couple of times or not at all.  At least six of the unworn ones will be going to friends or Ebay, and I think that quite a few of the others will also end up on Ebay as they obviously don’t work for me.

I suppose that when buying off Ebay/Depop etc, you have to be prepared for the fact that some things won’t fit and/or won’t suit.  I have had many successful Ebay purchases, and by buying on Ebay have managed to get hold of dresses that I’ve seen on bloggers and loved, but can’t afford.  Looking through my bank statements it seems that most of my clothes purchases last year were online and second hand which means that on one hand, I have saved money, but on the other, I’ve ended up with things that don’t necessarily work for me.

The scary thing about looking at my dresses like this is that I acquired the majority of them last year.  I think this increase in my spending can be directly linked to being active on Instagram which I joined in November 2014.

Seeing other plus sized women wearing gorgeous clothes on the internet has been a catalyst for my spending to get out of control as I want to look as gorgeous as so many of them do.  But owning the same dress is not the same as looking like someone else and I think has been a source of dissatisfaction with my life and appearance.

I’m glad that I’m ruminating on my (bad) clothes buying habits as it’s actively addressing the issue for me and showing me that I have a compulsion to buy because I think it will make me happy when really, it doesn’t.

It’s not good for my self esteem, it’s not good for my bank account and it’s not good for the planet.



4 thoughts on “Day 5/366: unworn and unloved

  1. This is a really illuminating post. I’ve definitely bought more of everything since I’ve been reading blogs. Something I noticed the other day that I have SO many dressy things to wear and hardly any casual stuff, or really comfy casual stuff. So my mission this year (if I choose to accept it, lololol) is buy less, but what I do buy needs to be cajj. 🙂


    1. Thanks Leah 🙂 I like your idea of buying casual. I’ve been quite good with this and have got quite a lot of patterned tube skirts which I can wear with leggings and sloppy jumpers, and I also have a few dresses which are good for slobbing round the house. In extremis I have some horrible tracksuit bottoms which I wear when I feel like I need to go back to bed at any moment (which is most of the time when I’m not at work….!)


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