Day 9/366: first week of wearing my wardrobe

Well I managed the first nine days of the year without buying any clothes which is pretty good going for me especially at this time of year with the sales in full swing.

To help me keep to my goal of buying no new clothes in 2016, I have set up a Facebook Group called Clothes Shoppers AnonymousI hope this will also inspire and support other people who are interested in reducing the amount that they buy this year.  Please do join the group if you’re interested.

I’ve decided to post a weekly montage of what I have worn from my wardrobe every week, so week 1 is below.

This week I have been at home and not well, so I have to admit my clothes choices have not been the most inspiring! Hopefully next week when I’m back at work things will be a bit more interesting…

Skirt Primark 2014, top H+M 2014
Dress: Dorothy Perkins via Ebay 2015 worn over Primark baselayer 2015
Dress: Dorothy Perkins 2012 worn over H+M baselayer 2013
Dress: Matalan 2009 or 2010
Skirt: Next via charity shop 2010, jumper Figleaves 2009
Jumper dress: Monsoon 2013

One thought on “Day 9/366: first week of wearing my wardrobe

  1. I just joined the facebook group! I gotta say, this whole wearing your wardrobe for a year thing really intrigues me. It scares me, but seems like a good challenge!! I am a compulsive clothing ‘collector’. Its so bad that when I love a shirt so much, I will buy in every color. Its almost like when I buy clothes, I subconsciously think Ill never find something I love so much ever again. Lol.

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