Day 31/366: if at first you don’t suceed, try, try again

Right at the end of my first month I have had a bit of a failure.  Brastop, a great online website for underwear and large cup bras emailed me today to let me know that the sale was finishing this evening.  I have been wearing an uncomfortable bra for the last few days and I’m fed up with only having a couple of bras that feel completely comfortable, so I bought three bras and five pairs of pants.  I am not proud of myself despite the fact that underwear is a bit of an essential.


I also bought two jumpers, a shrug and a coat yesterday from local charity shops.  Now this is something that I was allowing myself to do this year, but four items of clothing in one afternoon is a bit much and I’m feeling a little bit sick about bringing more clothes into my house when I’m supposed to be reducing the numbers of clothes in the house.

I will be photographing unworn and unloved clothes for selling on Ebay tomorrow and I did pass on three rarely worn cardigans to colleagues at work (who are very pleased with them), so I will be getting stuff out of the house.  I’m also going to be sending some bras to a charity called Smalls for All who send underwear (new knickers and lightly worn bras) to African countries as many women aren’t able to buy bras and knickers because of poverty.  Have a look at the website for more information, and thanks to Cassie for letting me know about the charity.

Wardrobe Weekly

Below are pictures of my outfits for this week.  So far, I’ve not repeated an outfit yet this year.  I’m wearing things that I haven’t worn for ages which is helping me discover what I love and what I really don’t enjoy wearing.  Most of the non-loved clothes will be going to a charity shop or sold via Ebay. This experience is affirming that I much prefer wearing dresses to anything else.  I don’t really like the way I look in separates. Whether this is a failure of imagination or style or an innate conservatism I can’t tell.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays’s outfits below. The jumper in the fisrt picture and the dress in the third were both purchased the week before New Year and this week was their first outing.

Capture mon 2Capture tues 2Capture weds 2

Thursday’s outfit was sadly worn for a funeral.

Capture thurs 2

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ve been at home, so casual all the way.  Really don’t like the combo I’ve got on today, the jumper is positively frumpy, the lengths are all wrong. The shrug in the second picture is one of the things I picked up whilst charity shopping, it’s from Laura Ashley.  Not sure it goes with this dress shape-wise, but should work with round/scoop neck skater dresses.

Capture Fri 2Capture sat 2Capture sun 2


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  1. Underwear is essential, especially a decent fitting bra that doesn’t cost the earth! Remember that this is an exercise in abating needless consumption. You NEED a bra. You NEED a decent pair of pants, and knowing Kendal weather you need a decent jumper!

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