Day 45/366: wardrobe weekly

As you’ll have seen from my previous post about the death of my dog Bella, I’ve had other things on my mind than clothes and blogging the past ten days.  However in an attempt to try and make me feel a little bit more normal, I have been taking some outfit photos.  This post today is some of the outfits from the past two weeks, the first three were taken before Bella died, so I’m looking a lot happier in these than I do in the rest….

Simply Be denim dress and Primark layering top both from 2015
George at Asda dress which I radically altered the neckline of 2014
Scarlett and Jo dress 2014 which I’ve only worn twice. Shrug is from Laura Ashley via a charity shop (this year)
£5 dress from Peacocks in their tag end sale probably 2012, red wool cardigan from White Stuff 2014. The Peacocks dress has been a real wardrobe staple.
Evans skater dress 2014, wool cardigan WrapLondon via Ebay 2014
Dress White Stuff 2014. This is a great one for meetings. The Charles Rennie Mackintosh brooch was a gift from my parents when I graduated.
Terrible photo – I was recovering from a migraine. Anyway, this is a staple lying around feeling manky outfit. Skirt Primark 2014 and top H&M also 2014
I love the fabric of this Scarlett and Jo dress and the cowl neck style.  This one of the last dresses I bought before my clothing ban, so late 2015. Fly London brown boots 2014


Yesterday’s outfit, top Phase 8 2012 or 2013, skirt White Stuff 2014. The top is incredibly low cut and works its way down to show my bra through the day which is v irritating. Definitely not work suitable!

Hopefully normal blogging will be resumed shortly when I’m feeling a bit better.


2 thoughts on “Day 45/366: wardrobe weekly

  1. Kate you look great in all your outfits. Particularly like the 1st and 2nd, Evans skater dress and the one where you say you had a migraine. But you look great in them all. X x x x x you have some wonderful styles and clothes x x


    1. Thanks Erica! It’s an interesting project going through my wardrobe and finding what I’ve got in it. I’m trying not to wear the same thing twice until I’ve worn everything I’ve got, although this might get difficult as I have some definite favourites which I like to wear more than others. I suppose if there’s something I don’t want to wear, I should really pass it on or Ebay it so it’s a good exercise in finding out what I’m not liking.


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