Day 61/366: Help!

61 days since I bought any new clothes and I’m feeling the strain. I really, really want to go out on a spree and try on loads of dresses especially as the Spring collections are coming into the shops. Simply Be keep sending me 25% off tokens and it’s so hard to just stick these in the bin.



I’m  on my way to London for a meeting today and a training course tomorrow and normally I would use this as an opportunity to go and have a browse in shops that I can’t usually access out in the wilds of the North West. But instead I’m  going to have to ignore the temptation of the shops.

It doesn’t help that I’m feeling quite low about myself and also suffering from a bad back and nerve pain in my legs, so I feel like I need a treat to make me feel better.

HELP! Would appreciate some suggestions about how to deal with this state of mind!


3 thoughts on “Day 61/366: Help!

  1. Can you take yourself for a really nice lunch instead? London is a sticky point for me too because I feel the same as you … Ooo shops I can’t go in at home!!

    Stay strong you are doing so well 😊


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