Day 77/366: I am an idiot


I have only just realised that being a leap year, there are 366 days in the year, not 365. Why didn’t I notice before, surely 29th February was a bit of a giveaway?

Now off to edit my incorrect blog titles.


4 thoughts on “Day 77/366: I am an idiot

  1. My favourite charity thrill is finding good quality wool jumpers and cardigans. I love natural fabrics and if wool is looked after well it lasts for years (as long as the moths don’t have it).

    As a size 16-18 it’s harder to get high quality brands in charity shops (plus size clothing is often poor quality, and good quality clothes in larger sizes are rarely passed on to charity shops because they are such a difficult thing to find in the first place), so when I find something that feels lovely and looks great and actually fits, I’m in heaven!

    Do you think you will continue with your budget at the end of the year?, Or do you think you’ll allow yourself more money so that you can buy new ethically produced clothing (e.g. Nomads, Braintree etc – some of my favourites).


    1. Thankyou! You might be right 🙂

      I’m really enjoying your blog; I thought I’d set myself a bit of a task this year, but you have really done it properly.

      I’m not sure I could have purged my wardrobe like you did – still too attached to material things. I will be watching your blog with interest to see your updates. Are you enjoying the chartiy shopping?

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      1. Thank you for enjoying it!
        It was a real wrench to give away so many lovely things but, to give it validity, I had to commit to the challenge! Charity shopping is amazing – means I never have to suffer cheaply made again and it’s good for my conscience! My only problem is keeping within my £26 budget – there’s some amazing stuff out there – I alway get a thrill when I’m rifling though and put my hands on silk!

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