Day 101/366: the first one hundred days

I thought I would look back on the first one hundred days of Wearing My Wardrobe in 2016. Outfit pictures are from Instagram over the past month or so.

  • I have NOT bought any new clothes so far in 2016.  I would class this as a major achievement for me as I never thought I would make it this far.


  • I have not bought new clothes despite having been to Preston, Manchester and London for work.  Usually I would have made time to check out the shops, but this year I haven’t done this.  It make the visits less eagerly anticipated though which is a bit of a shame.


  • I have also not bought anything on the internet despite having had a pretty stressful year so far. Internet shopping has been a real bad habit for me in the past during times of stress so I’m pretty pleased about this. Unsubscribing from all the clothing companies’ emails and their feeds on Instagram and Facebook has been a huge help
I found this AXParis Curve dress in a charity shop in Penrith.  I think it’s the best thing I’ve bought this year, I really like it.
  • I’ve not bought any new boots or shoes.  This wasn’t an aim for the year, but I’m happy with what I’ve got, and not shopping for clothes means that I haven’t been exposed to new  shoes either.


  • I have not gone overdrawn yet this year because I’ve spent too much money on clothes which was happening with more regularity over the past couple of years


  • I’ve not worn the same outfit twice (except for scruffy clothes for working at the allotment or housecleaning, but they don’t count!)


  • I have been motivated to sell clothes on Ebay and have so far sold 24 items of clothing and some unused perfumes.
This skirt is an ancient Monsoon sale purchase. Having to find new outfits in one’s wardrobe really makes you look through everything you own quite carefully and there are some real gems in mine.
  • I have found out that I don’t actually like some of my clothes very much and these have either been Ebayed, given to friends or donated to charity shops.  It seems that being critical of one’s wardrobe is actually quite cathartic


  • I have altered quite a lot of my clothes to make them fit better
I altered this skirt to make it more of a wiggle style (altered on right), I think it looks significantly better now!
  • I have discovered the joy of hunting for interesting clothes and jewellery in charity shops and have started doing a bit of charity shop tourism when I visit other towns.  The thrill of charity shops is that you never know what you’ll find and there’s something new every week.  I have to admit that I may have to stop visiting the shops quite so often as I almost always come away with something to wear.
I absolutely LOVE this jumper – it’s by Oasis and I would never normally even bother looking in Oasis as the clothes are usually small, but it caught my eye in a charity shop and I think it looks great!
  • I’m looking forward to going through all my summer clothes and wearing my favourites (and also passing on those that I’m not so keen on)


  • I really don’t like the KonMari method (sorry Cassie and Leah!!)



11 thoughts on “Day 101/366: the first one hundred days

  1. Well done! You are an inspiration to me in my own efforts to avoid buying more clothes this year. (There have been a few items I have added to my online shopping basket but then removed before actually proceeding with the purchase…)

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    1. Thanks Nikki! I’m finding that cold turkey really is the only way I can do this as when I’ve tried not to buy in the past I’ve ended up making excuses (like I sold x on Ebay so I have y money to spend) and have just kept on buying.

      What I’m enjoying is finding clothes in my wardrobe which are actually back in fashion like my denim pinafore and the tartan skirt. Makes me a bit more creative I suppose… Xxxx


  2. Hi there…. you look great: you really rock a dress! I am doing a small no-buy this month, although it hasn’t really worked! I’ve picked up a couple of cheap items on sale, so that’s fine. Keep up the good work xxx

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  3. HAHAHA to the last sentence. 🙂 You’ve done REALLY well. Even though I have 6 huge bin bags of stuff awaiting selling, I’m STILL buying. I need an intervention! xx

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    1. Thanks Leah 😀 😀

      I think cold turkey is the only way to stop. I now consider clothes shops and internet sites for clothes (including Ebay) completely out of bounds and the mindset has definitely become a lot easier over the past three and a half months. The continual craving to buy more is so much less, although I have a horrible feeling once the year is up I will start compulsive purchasing again. I think I’m an all or nothing person which is why I just can’t diet (as you can’t stop eating completely, so can never avoid having to make choices).

      If you want to go the whole hog and cold turkey clothes purchases, I’m very, very happy to help and provide support. It really helped me to set out parameters, and I know that not including underwear and swimwear was helpful as was allowing charity shop purchases. I’m glad I excluded Ebay from places I can buy from though, as I think the majority of clothes I bought last year were from Ebay, it feeds my compulsion rather than helping to ease it.


  4. I’ve started a similar mission over on my blog.and it’s really making me realise which clothes I don’t like. By making myself where everything I am realising certain styles which don’t fit or just don’t look right.

    You are doing fab keep it up!

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