Why am I wearing my wardrobe?


Having spent a rather dismal afternoon between Christmas and New Year trawling my way around a shopping centre looking for “bargains” in the sales, I had a bit of an epiphany: I wasn’t actually enjoying it.

In fact I felt a bit sick of the fact that despite my bulging wardrobe full of amazing clothes which people tell me I look great in, I felt the need to buy even more.  It’s almost as if I’m trying to fill a gaping need with clothes which when I do buy them, don’t give me any more pleasure than those I already own.

So I’ve made a resolution that this year I will not buy any new clothes at all in 2016.  Instead, I will remix all the gorgeous things in my wardrobe, make sure I pass on those that I don’t feel lovely in and in generally try and appreciate what I have now, rather than hankering for more.

This blog is to chart my progress and for me to write about how I’m doing.  If you are feeling similar and need support, please do join me and others on the Facebook page Clothes Shoppers Anonymous.

I will be posting on my Instagram account  _Katikins_ using the hashtag #wardroberemix, #nobuy2016 and #wardroberemix2016


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